Help recovering a strange word file format

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About 2 weeks ago I submitted a word document for an upper level marketing class and have recently needed to access the document. However I lost the original file after switching operating systems and when I download the file from the submitting platform I get a folder full of strange XML files. 


Any help recovering a readable document from the file I have would be very much appreciated!

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@fjohnson8 Select all of those files and then right click, while hovering over the word folder and click on Send to and select Compressed (zipped) folder



That will result in a file being created


If you change the extension of that file to docx, you will be able to open it in Word.  You will need to click on Yes in the Rename dialog that appears.



By way of explanation, a Word document is actually a zip archive containing the various components that constitute the document.


NOTE:  There is however a problem with the files that you uploaded and while the re-zipped file can be opened in Google Docs, it cannot be opened in Word.  However, I have uploaded a pdf file created from the document opened in Google Docs.