(Help) My "Style" is indenting the 2nd line further in than the 1st line

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Hey everyone! So like I said, for some weird reason this style is indenting every line after the first line more than the first line. However, the Style itself shows that there is no "hanging indent". If anyone can help me fix this, I would greatly appreciate it!

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I can't explain it from what you've shown, but you can fix it.

In a paragraph with the style applied, in the Ruler align the two settings that are not aligned. You circled these settings in one of your screenshots.

Then right-click on the Style's name in the [Quick] Styles Gallery or the Styles Pane and tell Word to update the style to match formatting.


Otherwise, to have someone look at it, please post a link to a document with the problem.

Here is my article on how to do this.

Charles, thank you for your response. I have tried aligning the text using this Ruler method you have mentioned, but it still appears that the lines are slightly off. Here is a link to the document: https://sjcl-my.sharepoint.com/:w:/r/personal/adam_balakian_student_sjcl_edu/Documents/2023-09-26%20...

Sorry, I do not have access to your SharePoint files.



Since you are dealing with numbered styles, all indentation settings (except for any indents from the right) must be managed from within the Multilevel List dialog box. See https://shaunakelly.com/word/numbering/numbering20072010.html.