Headings Ignored For cross Reference Selection

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Running Word 2019 Office Professional.

I'm trying to insert a cross reference from one part of my document to another using a heading type. I highlighted the "destination" text and under the HOME tab selected the Intense Emphasis style from the Styles section (as per help "Add a heading). I then went to where I wanted to insert the cross reference, and added the text I want to use to launch the cross reference. I then highlighted the "source" text and from the INSERT tab selected Cross Reference.

When the cross reference interface opens there are no headings displayed in the "For Which heading" box. I have multiple numbered lists in my document that do show up if I change the reference type to numbered list.



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@bg425gkAnother example of unhelpful help, I'm afraid.


See Why Use Word's Built-In Heading Styles? by Shauna Kelly.

Insert Cross-References


If you do not want to use a Built-In heading, you can bookmark your custom headings and cross-reference to the bookmarks.


See also: Basic Concepts of Microsoft Word - from Shauna Kelly 


The links I've given you were all written for earlier versions of Word but the information in them is valid in Word 2021 and 2019 as well.

@Charles_KenyonThe bookmark worked. I highlighted the destination text, selected "bookmark" under the INSERT tab, and then gave the bookmark a name. I then went back and highlighted the text I wanted to use to launch a link to the bookmark and right-clicked and selected "Link". I selected the "Place in this document" option and then picked the bookmark from the listing and hit the OK button.

You are correct, the help isn't helpful when the Use Headings example it shows doesn't actually work!

Thanks for giving me the correct direction to go in with the bookmark and thanks for the Shauna Kelly links too, those are very helpful.

You are welcome.