Heading 1 RGB Color Code

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I use the format painter to copy the color properties for Heading 1 from another document.


How do I go about finding the Heading 1 RGB code in the attached file? When I check the font's RGB Code there all 0's.

Also, I think there is an accent color added.


Thanks in advance.


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Add or remove text effects

You can change the look of your text by changing its fill, changing its outline, or adding effects, such as shadows, reflections, or glows.


Add an outline, shadow, reflection, or glow text effect

Change the look of your text or WordArt by changing its fill or outline, or by adding an effect, such as a shadow, reflection, or glow.


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Here you can use a simple trick to copy exactly as it is in the template.

Mark Text, Ctrl + C (copy),

Ctrl + V (paste) on the page or area where you want to deposit it.
Thanks NikolinoDE for your response
I tried the copy and paste and it did copy the color but it didn't tell me the RGB code. I want to match the color exactly in Heading 1 just like in the attached document.



RGB code: 0 - 0 - 0 is for Black


It is a headline with black text color and other round marking color.

If you change the highlighting or the whole heading, press right here .. see picture.


Also attached is your .doc document where you can see how you can change the colors,

as well as an RGB table for comparison.


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Thanks NikolinoDE

As you can see the reveal formatting doesn't have any RGB code, but it does have the font, effects, bold, all caps, glow. 


I know Heading 1 is based on the normal template.


Color Palette was only giving me black. I want to match the Heading 1 RGB title exactly as in the document.



Customize or create new styles

ou can use styles to quickly apply a set of formatting choices consistently throughout your document. If you want formatting choices that are not available from the built-in styles and themes available in Word, you can modify an existing style and customize it to suit your needs. You can change the formatting (such as font size, color, and text indentation) in styles applied to titles, headings, paragraphs, lists, and so on. You can also select formatted text in your document to create a new style in the Styles gallery.

The styles covered in this article are located in the Styles gallery, a visual menu located on the Home tab. To apply a style, simply select the text you want to format, and then click the style you want in the Styles gallery. To learn more, see Apply a style to text in Word.


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Hello @falcios ,


the easiest way to find the RGB code is this:

1. Place the cursor into the heading of the original document.

2. Find the font option on the Home ribbon and click on the dropdown menu.

3. Click on 'More Colors...'

4. In the opened dialogue box choose the 'Custom' tab. There you find the RGB code.

Regards, Lenka


Thanks Lenka for your reply.
I've tried your suggestion and the RGB code I get is 000 for Black.
Do you have any ideas what other things I can try?

Hello @falcios ,

that's the correct code for black.