Headers Doing Weird Things To My Manuscript

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I am a book author. I use the automatic header function for my chapter heads. This way, when I delete or add a chapter as I revise, the chapters automatically renumber and I always have a clean, accurate TOC to click through in the left margin. 


I wonder if an error or bad formatting or something like that could cause this error: I opened up my finished manuscript for revision and two chapters, more than 100 pages apart, just switched. This couldn't be a manual error. I never switch chapters like that--everything is painstakingly organized well in advance. Also, all my other changes, such as sentence edits, were marked in track changes, which I always have on during revisions. Why would this move NOT track like all the others?


Any idea of how this might have happened? A very difficult switch without my knowing or realizing AND bypassing the tracked change function? The switch was absolutely perfect, not even leaving any extra space. It would take me a long time to do that manually. Would a heading formatting error do that? Not to be paranoid, but could someone have done this remotely? I just want to make sure this doesn't happen again.

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@rkoreto In 40 years of using Microsoft Word, I have never experienced anything like that (that was not a user action)

However, it is very easy to re-arrange chapters by clicking on the heading, of the chapter that you want to relocate in the Navigation Pane and dragging it into the new position.

Thank you! This is much appreciated. This is what may have happened, but I still don't see why the change wasn't tracked along with the other changes I made.

Anyway, I am never using that automatic function again!