Go from list multiselect to cell multiselect

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Hello dear community,

I have a table with a list in the first column. I'd like to select every list item of the first level and give it a certain font size. That's easy. But then I'd like to also give the cell of the middle column, that corresponds to this top-level list item the same font size.
If I manually select a couple of items in the table, I can easily expand the selection to one more column by clicking shift+[left]. 
But I can't go from the list multi-selection (that I obtain by clicking on a list item of a certain level, which automatically selects all list items of the same level) to a cell multi selection.. How is that done?
Thank you very much!



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@MegaHuhn If you hold down the CTRL key and left click with the mouse, you can select multiple, not contiguous cells