Glitch and what seems to be a bug. Would love some advice on how to fix this issue on my ipadpro

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Please refer to video and screenshot 


i use ms word for editing purposes and a few days ago the app just totally started being stupid


i would click the comment box and immediately the entire screen went to crap 


i have uninstalled and reinstalled and still the same issue 

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I see no crap in your screen. What is it you don't like about that setting?

Thank you for asking. Did you refer to the video I uploaded. The entire screen Gets squashed. I only see text one line at a time. I didn’t think I needed a breakdown since i felt the video and screenshot are very clear
I mean when you write "The entire screen went to crap" (a.k.a. shit), that's not very descriptive, is it? I see nothing wrong with how the screen looks, let alone seeing crap. In fact, I see no shit is wrong with the behaviour. So I had to ask - what's wrong with it? Where is the crap?
My guess is that's a correct behaviour and you clicked on different function.

But all that can be just crap.



thank you Lenka for keeping the conversation going 


much appreciated


I assumed that the video I uploaded was clear enough that it required no further elaboration. 


I hope that this video clears what crap aka shit is 


and I’ve also uninstalled and reset the app and the device 


remember this is an iPad Pro so not much from settings are actually modifiable 





You can report the issue via the Feedback facility in Word (see


Since it involves the touch screen, you could also check for known issues with the iPad video driver, I suppose.