Frustrated at Linking an Excel Cell to a word document

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I'm trying to link a single cell from an excel spreadsheet into a Table in Word.

Only two options to link and I want to keep the formatting in the Word doc, and just see the data from the Cell.

It's putting other things in there like so:


Here's the codes but I can't individually remove them. Everything gets removed?


Anyone got a clue on this. I'm going to set links up for quite a few cells from a Multi Tab Worksheet in Excel but if I can't get one, there's no point in sorting them all out now.

I even tried a Named Cell, but couldn't get that to work?


What is the problem?
Help Please 

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@toprobroy Can you upload a copy of the workbook and the document so that we can investigate what is causing the issue. 


Sure the Cell I want to first get working is in workbook- Figures - Cell f27

Did you need the Word Document as well?

@toprobroy Using Paste>Special>Paste link as HTML format, 


In addition to the data, a bookmark is inserted in a separate paragraph before the data and another empty paragraph is inserted after it



However, if it is pasted as either Unformatted Text, or Unformatted Unicode Text, just the data is pasted as shown in the second instance of the data in the above screenshot.





Thanks for looking at this Doug. I really appreciate this. I'm going to make quite of few of these docs, each relating to their own metrics in a linked S/S.  So it's important this works.


I tried what you said, and I ended up the same.  I wasn't sure if the Bookmark was automatic, but if so I couldn't see it. I've attached a copy of the Word Doc, as this may further reveal something I'm missing.


Hope that helps!

@toprobroy I do NOT see any of the following in that document:


  1. The value from Cell F27 of the Figures sheet of the Excel workbook
  2. Any links\linked fields
  3. Any bookmarks
Sure but I'm not aware that I needed to make a Bookmark. Nor was I sure how to do it. You can see what's happening here if you take a quick look.

@toprobroy DON'T paste in HTML Format.  Paste as either Unformatted Text, or Unformatted Unicode Text.


Note, I only mentioned a bookmark because when I pasted in HTML Format, a bookmark was created that contained the cell reference.

Ok. Thanks. Text doesn't give me a link though. I need to find the easiest way to duplicate my XLS for different communities and pull the data through to the Word Document. The formatting and linking are crucial to make light of this work. Pasting Text does work. I tried that first.
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@toprobroy It does IF you select the Paste link radio button before clicking on OK!




Thanks Doug.

To be honest I never thought the text part would link, even though it said it.

Now it's working. I'm sorry about that. :(


I can begin to create the full links now and then duplicate for other communities.

Really appreciated your help and engagement.