Formatting variation between Word service and desktop

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I have a textbox in a document that I created in desktop. The textbox was placed under the 'Goal' heading. I opened the document in the Word service and the box is on top (see screenshot). When I moved the box below the Goal heading in the service, it moved and the desktop version didn't change (in other words, they then looked the same).


I know how hard it is to "make things work", but given that something like this could change meaning in a doc, it seems pretty important to know it'll look as I expect regardless of whether it's being viewed in the service or in desktop...




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Browser and mobile versions of Word are limited compared to the full version you can install on a PC or Mac computer. 


In the browser version of Word, you will have to choose the reading view for all formatting to display properly.

Thanks. I guessed as much. Good to know about the reading view. I'll be sure to mention it to users!