Formatting merge fields to european format

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I have some numbers, coming from an excel file, which I want to show in a Word document. I want the numbers to be formatted in a european way, with a comma seperating the decimals and the integers.

I find online to do it like this:{ MERGEFIELD totaal_inclusief\# "0,00"}

However, it doesn't work. It keeps on using the comma to seperate thousands from the  hundreds.

I modified the numbers in excel, which doesn't help. Can anybody help?

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Hi @gerarddn 

This is a Word forum, your question is related to Excel. However, you have two options how to fix that.

1. In Excel: click FileOptions, under Advanced find 'Editing options', type your separators in the Decimal separator and Thousands separator boxes. However, for a permanent solution, you must change the regional settings in Control Panel.

2. In Word (based on an assumption that you do have decimal and thousand separators present): transfer as is into Word. Open 'Find and Replace', and replace. You need to be clever about it. Replace the first one (a comma, for example) with an 'x', then replace fullstop with a comma, then replace 'x' with a fullstop.



Word field formatting is very much dependent on regional settings. For example, when a field instruction involves a decimal sign, you have to choose the one defined in Windows (see


You may have more luck creating a macro.