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Hi there, 


I have a real strange one, one of my users is getting the attached footnote when editing and formatting a document. Everything on her PC is in English, I can't find any reference to the German language anywhere! ha ha ha


For the life of me I can't replicate the message when I format any documentation, even in the same document. 


I'm just trying to understand how it came about, as she is now paranoid that there is a language setting on her PC causing problems. I have asked her to test on another document, however haven't heard back yet. 


Can anyone give me guidance as to how this notation would have come about?





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Word has a bad habit trying to guess in which language you are typing and then change the language for the text according to those guesses. 


You can select all the text in a Word document and manually (re-)apply the correct language to the selection using the Language dialog box (Review tab > Language group > Language > Set Proofing Language). Also clear the option to "Detect language automatically" (which applies globally to the application as a whole, regardless of the selection). Confirm and close the dialog box with OK. 


For footnotes, modify the language of the Footnote Text style. In the Apply Styles pane (Ctrl+Shift+S), type in Footnote Text and click Modify. In the dialog box, click Format and then click Language. Choose the appropriate language. 

Hi Stefan,

Thanks for this, I have passed the advice back to the user to action your suggestions, thanks for making them, fingers crossed they do the trick! :)



Thanks for the follow-up. Good luck!


I forgot to mention that it is often a good idea to redefine the Normal style as well, in an affected document.