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My thesis is in language editing and as I get a chapter back, I notice that on some page the footnote does no longer appear on the page where it is cited; it now appears on the following page. On some of my pages, I have three footnotes now on the next page. I'm not looking to solve the overlap where a footnote goes over to the next page due to its length. I'm looking for a solution to where the footnote appears completely on another page. If I use the "keep lines together" solution then none of my footnotes will overlap to the next page but it does solve the problem of keeping the footnote on the citation page.

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Would switching to endnotes help you?
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@Hans Le Roy 

Thank you but I have to follow the format for the school and endnotes is not an option for me.

Hello @nukubolu,

there might be a handful of reasons. Is there space before/after set in the footnote? Is the line separator also set to have space before/after?

I understand the academic requirements, so if none of the before mentioned helps or works, I used to insert a page break at the place where I knew the footnotes would make it on the same page. Not aesthetic, but compliant.



Try setting a fixed value for line spacing of the text in the body of the document. For more suggestions (some of which only apply to really old versions of Word), see

I've given your suggestion of a line break a try but the problem is that the line before doesn't extend all the way to the edge of the margin in the justify setting. Is there a way to fix that?

Hello @nukubolu ,

yes, there is, but it may not work for the line you chose. You need to choose one which reaches the right margin as closely as possible, and do a manual line break (shift+enter) and then hit the normal 'return' key (ENTER) and then page break. Delete the extra line it creates.

With that you need to have, however, the advanced option (File→Options→Advanced)  of 'Don't expand character spaces on a line that ends with SHIFT+RETURN' in Layout unticked.


Or, instead of inserting a page break, mark the entire following paragraph for 'Keep lines together'.

Or, mark the following paragraph as 'Keept with next' - again, instead of a page break.


There are many options, depending on the text.

Sometimes, we need to create tricks of our own to work around Word features.