Footnotes not continuous for sections within sections.

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I have a document with multiple sections - the footnotes have to start at 1 at the beginning of each chapter/section. Within one chapter I have a landscape section and the subsequent footnotes link to two sections back not one section back. The end of the previous chapter has footnote #58. This chapter starts at footnote 1 (as it should) and goes up to 8 before the section break. After the section break, it either starts at 1 or at 67, I cannot get it to start at 9.  


I have also tried to get the footnotes to start at a fixed number (9) but when I do that the footnote number becomes 74. 

I also tried replacing ^f with ^& and that did not work. I saw that in another Microsoft answer from a while back.

I do not have Track Changes on. (They were at one point - I accepted all changes (I have this in a new document) and turned them off.)

Making the table into a picture and rotating is not an option because it would be too small.


This seems like such a fundamental issue and one that I'm sure many other people have had that I feel I must be missing something.  I am using a fully updated Mac with updates Word through 365.


Can anyone help or is this just an impossibility?

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Just as quick follow-up - the only solution I have found is to manually enter the footnotes with the correct numbers as 'symbols' in the insert>footnotes box, copy the text from the incorrect footnotes and then deleting them. Tedious but it works.