Footer issue when having different page sizes in one report.

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Hi guys,


I have a word file which has A4 (portrait) and A3 Landscape page sizes. when page numbering i used "link to previous" in both footer and header to get the page numbers continuing and to have the same header respectively. The header seems to be all good but the footer in A3 seems to be ruined , I need it shifted right side. If anyone knows any solution about this please share.


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How are you positioning content in headers/footers?

By default, Word uses fixed positions, with tab stops measured from the left margin, which may lead to undesired results when the page orientation or paper format changes.

Thank you for your response. Now It makes sense . I was using tab to push the page number in the footing of A4 to the right side .Then the A3 page number is more to left as you can see. After your response i went to a report which i have this issue and in the middle of it i inserted an A4 landscape but it still shows that issue (page number is more to left) and i didn't use tab this time. So is there a way that i could fix this footer problem?
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Hello @PromodFdo ,

the fix is quite easy. You don't use the page numbering field as such and you don't use the tabs at all, but you create a text box with the page numbering field in it. You position the box to top/bottom and right/left relative to the page. Like this, the page numbering will always be in the top/bottom right/left corner, always in the same place regardless of the page size, be that an A4, A3, A5 or A6, section by section.

Hope this helps.






Thank you very much for your response. It worked