First item in a list does not want to obey the style

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Trying to make a numbered style in the attached document.


Move indent of (a) below to align with (b)

Select style t&cletters “update to match current selection”

(a) jumps back to left margin.




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I've been asking the 'why' for years and years now, I think the answer to that can be provided only by MS Word programmers.
However, to fix it, you need to go to 'Multilevel list' → 'Define new Multilevel list' and there you need to adjust the indents. Multilevel list has precedence over styles. Then do 'Update to match current selection'. Hope that helps.
Thank you Lenka. That does seem to be a useful workaround. I found a similar solution is to Right click the number, then “increase indent”. Then “update to match selection”. Would be nice of someone from Mircosoft would answer this properly.



Long-term, you should set up your multilevel list so that each level is associated with a unique paragraph style. You can use any set of nine paragraph styles, with one style for each level of the list. The following article explains the principles (using the built-in headings as examples):