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I'm trying to get to the "Organizer" page in WORD, but I cannot find it. The instructions I have say to choose "Tools Templets and Add-Ins" from the main menu and then click the "Organizer" button, but I cannot find anything that seems to be "Tools Templets and Add-Ins," I found an "Add-Ins," but it did not give me an "Organizer" choice.


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@alan_woodruff_nc If you do not have the Developer tab displayed on the ribbon, then go to File>Options>Customize Ribbon and then locate and check the box for Developer on the right hand side of the Dialog.  Then go to the Developer tab of the ribbon and click on the Document Template button in the Templates section to display the Templates and Add-ins dialog at the bottom left of which there is a button for Organizer.





To add to what Doug has said, another way to access the Organizer dialog box is via the Macro dialog box. Press Alt+F8 (or Alt+Fn+F8 on some keyboards) and then click Organizer. 


Perhaps the easiest solution is to add the Organizer button to the Quick Access Toolbar (File > Options > Quick Access Toolbar). Look in the "All Commands" category for Organizer and click the Add button.





Thank you, Doug
Thank you, Doug


Yet two more methods to reach the Organizer dialog in the Windows desktop application Word:


  • Through the Macros dialog box.

You can reach that with the keyboard shortcut Alt+F8 (Fn+Alt+F8 on many computers) or through the Macros button on the Developer Tab.





Not exactly intuitive because on the dialog that appears when you press that button, you will need to press Import/Export. Nevertheless, it gets you to the same dialog, on the Styles tab instead of the Macros tab.





Note that the Organizer in the earlier menu versions of Word (2003 and earlier) also had tabs for AutoText and Toolbars. AutoText now appears on the Building Blocks Organizer and the Ribbon versions of Word no longer use the same kind of toolbars.

Thank you, Charles
You are welcome.