Fillable Forms, Restriction Issues

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My Word 365 has updated and restrict form is not working correctly. Version 2302 Build 16130.20332


I recently made a new fillable form using text boxes, date pickers, check boxes and combo boxes. In previous versions, you had to manually select every part you want a user to be able to edit, then restrict.


Now there is only the option to "allow only this type of editing in the document" check box, and once thats checked you can select "none read only, tracked changes, comments, and filling in forms".


Selecting filling in forms and restricting works as expected, can only edit the above mentioned boxes. When I send it to someone, it turns into read only and they cannot edit anything.


This is a brand new form I made yesterday, once I check "allow only this type of editing", i do not get the group option to select "anyone". It is a docx file.


When I open an older docx file and select "only allow this....", it has exceptions (optional) with an "everyone" box to check. 


Why does this not show up on the newly created form? MS Support has been useless, told me I have to unrestrict the form for others to edit, but as with all fillable forms obviously there are parts of the document I do not want editable.



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@Shane550 I have this same problem.... did you ever get it resolved?



Share a sample document that illustrates the problem. You can upload the sample to OneDrive or Dropbox and then post a share link in a reply in this thread.