Files opening in Read Mode

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For the past day or so, all the files I'm working on are opening in Read Mode instead of Print Layout, the only View I use. I've searched every option for a solution to this but found nothing. I know I can click on View in Read Mode and select Print Layout, but 1) I shouldn't have to take this extra step, especially since I've never ever ever used Read Mode and my files have always opened in Print Layout until now, and 2) the program freezes for several minutes when I try to enable Print Layout mode. I'm using Microsoft Office 365 and Windows 10. I edit book manuscripts and need to streamline the process any way I can. I have not changed any settings in Word.

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At File > Options > General, clear the option "Open e-mail attachments and other uneditable files in reading view." At least that will take care of e-mail attachments opened directly from a mail program or documents that are protected for other reasons.