File for transcribing only loads up to 94%.

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I would like to transcribe an audio file. Unfortunately, I have not been able to upload any more files since yesterday, as it stops uploading every time from 94%. However, I have been able to use this function several times over the last few days without any problems. I have already chatted with the support team and it is not due to my equipment or account. However, they could not help me any further.

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Interestingly, I've been experiencing the exact same problem since the 28th. Every time I try to transcribe an audio file for about a week now, the upload consistently stops at 94%. Like Julia, I made sure that my OneDrive isn't full and that the voice file I'm trying to upload is neither long nor large in size.

I've scoured numerous solutions from YouTube and tried just about every fix recommended, but none seemed to work for me. In my efforts to find a workaround, I tried doing a live record in Microsoft, and although that did work, it's not the most convenient solution.

It's a bit reassuring to know I'm not the only one experiencing this, but it's indeed perplexing. It would be immensely helpful if anyone has found a solution or can offer any insights.

@ganyesh This issue has been reported to the Microsoft Word Product Team.  You might also raise the issue via the Help>Feedback facility in Word.

@JuliaQXI have the same also, in the past 2 days, only to 94% on files types and sizes I have previously had no problems with, very frustrating

@Doug_Robbins_Word_MVP Thanks, Doug, for the heads up. Yes, I did write feedback through that channel. Hopefully, they resolve it soon. It's quite frustrating.

Estoy experimentando el mismo problema de hace dos dias

I am facing the same issue 

@Daniela165 The Word Product Team at Microsoft have replicated the issue and a "Bug Report" has be raised to have it addressed.

Ja też mam ten problem. Za każdym razem jak transkrybuje to kończy mi na 94%. Czy coś już wiadomo jak to naprawić? @JuliaQX 

It was working fine for me the past few days and now Sept 1st, suddenly I get this issue. Frustrating indeed as I do audio transcription as a side hustle for money.
Yes. Me too. Since Sept1st 2023 in Australia. Prior to that, the files have been uploading with no problem.
I also have submitted the issue to MS and Word help.
Fingers crossed it's resolved v soon!

@MSUser13We're experiencing this issue too (NZ, Sept 4). If you're desperate and on a deadline like me, I found a workaround using captioning in Microsoft clipchamp . It's not ideal, because you need to remove timestamps (I did this by turning text into a table, selecting every second cell, ctrl-x to delete the selections then converting back to text), but it's better than nothing

It is back to working for me now, the bug seems to be fixed!

What a legendary answer Nadine. Thank you!
I spent hours yesterday trialing other programs, but none were free that did the same job.
I REALLY appreciate your workaround. Thank you again!

That's great.
I've just tried a couple of files, but it's still NOT working for me.

5th September and the issue persists....@MSUser13 



Have you tried using the online version of Word? I am experiencing the hanging at 94% while using the Word app, but when using Word via it works fine. 


Yes!! It works! Thanks for this suggestion - a much better workaround than clipchamp.

@Hylander44 It works fine for me too with the online version. The other version has same issue as mentioned in this topic. Thank you for the workaround ! 

You absolute TOTAL LEGEND @Hylander44 !!
Thank you :folded_hands:
I've been checking in to try everyday, and yes, the online version is working for me too.
Super grateful to you for taking the time to fill us all in.