Figure references hiding the bottom border of the Figure or diagram (Word 2007)

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Hi all,

All of the diagrams in my book have borders, however, the reference captions keep getting realigned partially over the diagrams and blocking out the bottom part of the border on the diagram, which looks stupid. No matter how many times I correct them, they keep changing back and blocking out the border of the diagram again (see two partial screen shots below). This is becoming exceedingly annoying!


Border 01.jpg


Border 02.jpg


I am using 'In line with text' layout for the diagram and the reference because I want the diagrams to be at a specific point in the text. However, this layout does not store element 'order' e.g. 'bring to front' or 'send to back'. So to fix the problem, I need to change to one of the other layouts that does support it, send the figure reference to back or bring the diagram to front, then switch back to the 'in line with text' layout again.


At some time in the future, when I come back to that diagram it may or may not be correct. I'm still not sure what causes them to change back. I have tried all sorts of things to trigger a realignment but nothing so far does it; it seems to be completely random.


Is there a setting for the reference position, of a margin setting for the border hidden somewhere?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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To get a "bullet proof" layout, insert the diagrams with the layout set so that they are In-line with Text, in which case, they will be inserted into a paragraph that you can format so that it is kept together with the next paragraph, into which you should insert the caption (not in a text box).

You can use paragraph formatting to control the space between the diagram and the caption.