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Hi gang,


I am using an accounting software called Xero, that has the ability to utilise custom templates I create in Word.


My restaurant chain has a Central Kitchen and a Bakery. Both invoices are added into Xero but need to be split up when I am sending the Statement (payments are made into separation bank accounts). The Statement feature currently consolidates all invoices (from both the Bakery and CK).


I need to find a way of splitting up the lines so that only the CK appears in the table; and visa versa for the Bakery.


A difference between the Invoices is the Invoice Number (field code: <<Description>>). All Central Kitchen Invoices start with a "CK-"; and the Bakery with "BK-". Is there a field code formula to only capture data that contains the above in its reference, including all of the subsequent data on that Line?


Perhaps you have another suggestion for this.


I have attached a document for you reference. I have 2 separate tables where I would like the data split.


Any help is greatly appreciated!


Thank you very much,



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