Extra (Unseen) Pages showing up when I convert to PDF

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In order to upload my file into the publishing website, I have to convert to pdf. 


When I do this, extra pages are showing up in my document.


In Word, the document pages go as follows:


end of chapter 9

blank page

Section Introduction

blank page

beginning of chapter 10


the end, section intro, and beginning are all on the odd pages.


This is where I want them.


In Acrobat, page 83 and Section Intro are right where I want them.  They align with the Word document, but then there is an extra page.  Acrobat will let me delete the extra page, but if I do, the pages now shift. Instead of the even pages being on the left hand side of the book, they are on the right hand side.


How do I rid myself of the extra hidden page that has to be in Word somewhere?


Thank you for your help.  


Cassy Gray



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Check with your publisher to make sure. You may want to actually have those blank pages.

They are likely the result of odd-page section breaks which are generally the way you want to start chapters.