Export Word to PDF WITH Annexure bookmarks

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Is there a way to export a Word doc to PDF which includes the Annexure headings as bookmarks? I have to insert them manually in PDF and it can sometimes take a huge amount of time if my document is big.

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Hie there Loos1300, I think there is a trick that allows exporting Word doc to PDF without data loss. All you have to do is open the file and ont the ribbon left side you will see a File Tab, click on it and you'll reveal several tabs find the Export tab, that will show you 2 options and select the PDF/XPS tab. MS Word will pefom the conversion trick. once completed save the file where you will be able to locate it for viewing in pdf and that should be all you need.
Thankyou for your reply.
That only works with the actual Table of Contents. Even though there's a Table of Appendices it doesn't pull this info through. Once in PDF I have to go to each one and then create a bookmark. I sometimes work with large proposal documents with more than 15 Appendices. It's very time consuming to insert each one individually.

I still haven't managed to find a solution to this. Anyone else who may know how this works?



If you have formatted the Annexure styles as heading styles in Word, you should see them as linked text ("bookmarks" in Adobe terminology) in the resulting PDF.