Excel object in my Word doc > can't edit object inside Word.docx

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I can no longer edit Excel objects inside my Word doc.  Office 2016 on Windows10.


Now it opens the Excel object in a new Excel window (outside Word).

1 > I have to X close the new Excel window for the edit to show up in Word.

2 > No longer able to adjust which cells to show/hide.

       (by clicking excel object once, then dragging the border to snap between rows/columns). 



>PC restart safemode and tweaking

>Create a New Word Document > insert Excel spreadsheet

>Microsoft Tech support - restart > safemode > tweaking

>Microsoft Tech support - Office re-instal

"We re-installed your Office 2016 from your Microsoft account. performing a rollback to its older version it not the best option right now sine we cannot verify what is the build version when it was still working. "

"We can only try some basic troubleshooting steps for Office applications. if the issue still persist after this then you may check from our Excel community. "



HELP :sad:


P.S. This issue has happened in the past, but PC restart used to resolve it. This time its permanent...


Found similar thread from 2018 but unresolved

Found similar thread from 2018 - but his tech support guy fixed without providing a how to..

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I have exactly the same problem. Had a previous situation last year. Fixed it by just using one monitor (known problem). You might try that. But now, the problem is back. + sometimes excel calculation results are not visible in Word document.


Already tried:

  • Using two monitors, and returning to just one
  • Repairing my whole office package
  • Rebooting several times
  • My document works fine on my colleague's PC with the same Word version