Event Planner Template no longer macro enabled

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I used this Event Planner template last year to create a custom October to September department calendar. The current version of the template is only for 2024. This template does not have any macros or fields. It no longer allows me to create a custom calendar.

 I still have the old calendar and it apparently uses Document Variable Fields but the set start date macro has disappeared. Does anyone know how to turn the calendar update controls back on, or update the document variables manually, or get a macro enabled version of the template?

Template URL: https://create.microsoft.com/en-us/template/event-planner-3b23a074-fdbd-4280-8ebd-852016c1bb60

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@HornSpiel If you go to the Visual Basic Editor when you have the calendar from last year open, do you see a reference to the .dotm template from which that calendar was created and does it appear in the list of projects?


As you would probably have downloaded the template last year (it may have done that in the background), you might try searching in the File Explorer for .dotm files and see if you can find it.


You may however find something that you can use on the following page of Greg Maxey's website: