Errant styles have invaded my Word document

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As you can see from the attached screenshot, a hundred or more styles with names like "a5rlac2" have become attached to one of my documents. Relatedly (I think) I am unable to create a new style in that document.


I tried to clear the problem by copying and pasting the 250 pages into a new document. When doing so I am asked if I want to copy all the styles. If I say yes I am back where I was. If I say no the document comes up with a clean, useable style list, but the entire document is reset to Normal.


Is there a way to remove this corruption (?) from the document without losing all the formatting that has already been applied to it?

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Try selecting all document content, except for the final paragraph mark of the document, into a new, blank document and see if that deletes the unwanted styles. 


To show/hide paragraph marks, ¶, as well as other nonprinting marks, click the ¶ icon on the Home tab.