Embedded Excel table opening in Excel, not Word. Won't allow deletion of rows or resizing.

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We've been using an embedded Excel worksheet in our Word documents to create invoices for many years but, out of nowhere, this now no longer works.


Instead of opening the worksheet in Word it now launches the Excel app and if you delete a row in the spreadsheet it does not delete the row when you return back to Word.


Furthermore, if you try to resize the table in Word, to take account of the deleted row, it squishes all of your text.


Is this a known bug/issue?

Thank you.

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Is the Excel object created from an existing file (linked) or created as a new (embedded) object within the Word document?

@Stefan_Blom it's when creating a new embedded object.


If you remove a row from the embedded object, it leaves an empty row which is visible (light grey cell borders).  If you add a new row, it pushed the data out of visible range when you get back to Word.

In Word, if you move any of the resize handles, everything looks squashed.


It lets you create the embedded object and providing you don't make any mistakes then it's work fine, but the minute you want to add/remove a row, you're stuck and you'd have to completely remove and recreate the whole table again.


It's unusable.
Any advice would be greatly received.  Thank you.