drag images doesn't follow the mouse path

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Until yesterday, it was always easy for me to move images in Word. I could just click and drag, and the image would follow the path I was making with my mouse. However, since today this doesn't work anymore. I can still click and drag, but the images won't follow my mouse. This makes it really difficult to choose the correct position for my images. It is strange because if I group an image and a caption and then move the image in the group, it does follow my mouse. I suspect it has something to do with the anchor position, but I don't know how to switch this off.

Word version = Version 2404 Build 16.0.17531.20140)

How can I solve this issue?

Thanks in advance.

How can I solve this isse?


Thanks in  advance.

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What do you have set as the Layout Option for the image?






mine too! need help pls

I've tried every layout option but the images still won't follow when dragging



I've tried all six of the options however it simply doesn't seem to follow to path of the mouse.

I noticed that when I paste a image from google it does seem to work, but when I copy a image that is already in word or when I use smart-art it doesn't



The image may snap to the document grid. Try holding the Alt key and see if you can then drag & drop more freely.