Dotx documents behaviour in sharepoint

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Hi ! We have some .dotx documents stored in a sharepoint, they are set so that it saves the open document as a .docx. But when we open the model document in the sharepoint, it opens the .dotx and we have to tell people to be carefull and to save it as a .docx document before starting to work on it in order not to lose the information ofthe model ! is it normal ? is there a setting in sharepoint to avoid that ? thank you in advance for any help !

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@AureliePommier As far as I know, SharePoint has no options for that.

What I usually do, is create a local drive mapping to the SharePoint/OneDrive site and then in Word, select this drive as your (user or workgroup) template location.

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thank you for your answer. I just tried but unfortunatly, our administrator has banned this action on our tennant...