.dot file type no longer working properly, icon and menu is different

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Ever since an update yesterday to my work pc, something is wrong with .dot files. The icon changed and is no longer a Word icon, the right click menu is different and no longer has options like Open, Print, Convert to PDF, and even when looking at the properties of the file type, it's different than .dotx/docx/doc.


We tried changing the file type default and then changing it back to Word, didn't work. And my IT helpdesk tried an Office repair and reinstall, but for some reason it's still messed up. Any ideas?



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Can you upload one of the files so that we can investigate the issue.

@BWATL I guess you have deleted the response that you made.  However, the file that you uploaded to OneDrive (testdot.dot) appears as shown below when downloaded to my system: