DOCX macros not working

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Seems since a recent update July 26-ish that when I open a DOCX or DOCM file that I cannot use the macros built in even despite going through Developer and doing my hack from a previous Microsoft failed update.  Online help was useless


Currently I am saving the file without an extension  and it works BUT

Is there a way to save my file as a DOCX and keep working macros?  



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@LMS_5 The docx file format does NOT support macros. The file will need to be saved as a Word Macro Enabled Document (*.docm)



@Doug_Robbins_Word_MVP I have tried that also and it equally will not allow macros to work.  Also my macro document should have 25 lines and it messes it up to 23.  I am not resetting all macros each time.  

This template worked last week without issue.  This week all the staff are complaining and I am exhausting all options to remedy.   

What is the purpose of the macro?
Upload a copy of the macro-enabled file so that we can investigate the issue.
In most cases, you should put the macro in a macro-enabled template and put that template in Word's Startup folder. (The Startup folder is a trusted location in Word.) That way, the template will be loaded into memory when Word starts and the macro is available to run from a document. You can assign a keyboard shortcut to it, if appropriate.