Document Not Displaying Text in Color

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Asking on behalf of my Dad who called me asking for help with this...


Word displays text in black, even after he changes the color to something else (i.e., red).  The print preview shows the text in color and the file prints in color.     If he selects the shown-as-black text and goes to change the color (again), the color he chose is already checked in the color picker.


He shared with me a screen grab of his Word interface (that I've cropped to remove his text since it's black anyway) to show how odd it appears - everything is black and white and maroon and purple ... it looks nothing like -any- other reference of the Word interface out there on the internet and I suspect this has something to do with it.


He subscribes to Office so I'm assuming he's using the latest version of Word.


I'm stumped.  Anyone see this before and know what button will restore displaying color type?





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@Cheppachow Try changing the setting for High Contrast Mode


  • Select the Start   button, then select Settings  > Ease of Access > High contrast.

  • Turn on the toggle under Turn on high contrast. Then, choose a theme from the drop-down menu. You can customize colors for things like links and button text. When you're done, select Apply.

  • To turn off high contrast mode, switch off the toggle under Turn on high contrast.

  • To turn high contrast mode on or off from the sign-in screen, select the Ease of access button in the lower-right corner, then turn on the toggle under High Contrast.

  • To turn high contrast on or off from the keyboard, press left Alt + left Shift + Print Screen.

It was High Contrast mode.   I had an opportunity to visit my Dad in person and took the chance to sit down at his computer and troubleshoot ... the issue went away once High Contrast was turned off (it was on) and the rest of his Windows interface now looks like the standard, out-of-the-box colors.


Thanks again,