Dividing single word page onto some section?

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Hello. I apologize for any confusion. I'm unsure if I'm using the correct wording, and I'm unable to find guidance on how to phrase it properly through a Google search.


First, here's the document 



In the first part of the documents, you will notice a resize-square that is quite useful. It allows me to conveniently move the tabulations (:) forward and backward as a whole, instead of manually using the tab and backspace keys one by one to adjust the positions. Please refer to the screenshot and screen recording below:



And this is the screen record how do I demonstrate it



Then, there's 2nd section, where it just a usual text, without any formatting in indent 



Similarly, in the third section, there is a similar functionality as in the first section. Instead of manually using tabs or spaces, I can simply resize to reposition the text. Additionally, I can adjust the spacing between the first line (Penerima & Pemberi) and the (.....) without having to manually press the enter button. All of this can be done using the resize button.



Here's the screen record if you need it




Furthermore, all of these actions can be performed within a single page, eliminating the need for the page break function and resulting in three separate pages.


Currently, the closest solution I have found is converting my text into an image. However, this method is not as effective as I had hoped.



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The link to your sample document can't be opened. It generates an error. To share a document successfully, make sure that it can be downloaded by anyone who has the link.


I do get some clues from your image. The "resize square" indicates that you are dealing with a Word table. If you click inside the table, you can use the (Table) Layout contextual tab on the far right of the ribbon and choose to show the gridlines. Displaying nonprinting marks will also help you identify the table, because each cell will be terminated with an end-of-cell marker (¤) . You can use the ¶ icon on the Home tab to show/hide nonprinting marks.






Like Stefan, I am unable to access your document.

The following pages may be helpful to you:


Hello. I apologize for the delayed response. My computer experienced some issues, but I have just finished having it repaired.

Thank you! You nail it! It actually table without border, I'm completely deceived. Now I do know how do I make a form without manually adjust the tab and the space!

However, now I do have a problem with the 3rd part. At the sample document, whenever I resize it, the text ((………………………….) will move towards the bottom / upwards,



while when I create it myself, only the table getting bigger. the (………………………….) is stays at the same location



What I've done wrong / missing here?

Anyway, sorry ! I just edit the links!



It is difficult to tell from the screen shot what is going on. 


Could you post a new link to the sample document?

The sample started out in GoogleDocs and downloaded as Word, which does not bode well. GoogleDocs may have modified it and .doc files are far less capable and more prone to corruption than are .docx files. I'm looking at it now and trying to figure out what it is you need to do.


Going through your initial post and the document...
The resize square is for a table. I enabled View Gridlines on the Table Layout tab. That makes them easier to spot in a document. I also have non-printing characters enabled.

I see you are using blank or empty paragraphs for spacing. This is a bad habit. See 2.2 Why you should press Enter only once to end a paragraph  


The third section is also a table.


Tables are very handy for organizing text on a page. As you can see, they need not be visible as tables.

4. Use Tables and Tabs to Arrange Text in Microsoft Word


Here is a link to my page on Making Forms with Microsoft Word


Note that if this is to be filled in as a Word document, rather than a printed paper document, you should be using Content Controls for places to type.


If your version of Word does not allow Content Controls, consider at least using MacroButton Fields.



Okay, I would prefer it to stay as a Word document. Where can I upload, so I can post here as word documents, not as Google Docs? the original sample from my computer is in docs
Thank you. What I'm doing here is just doing this

I want to create a legal paper, which will contain identity in the first part like
Name : Casper
DOB : 01/01/2001
Place of Origin : New York

this one, side-to side, and already solved previously by @Stefan_Blom, so the first issue is tackled already

the second part, regarding what's the letter for, is just usual text, so, there's not any problem here

the third part is the one get the problem now, it's the signature part.

The format is somewhat like this

(Name 1 title) (Name 2 title)

(Space for signature)

(Name 1) (Name 2)

Nah, making the table for this part is the current unsolved problems. It's not side-to-side like the first, it's top to bottom.

Enlarge the table will enlarge both (Name 1 title - Name 2 title and Name 1 - Name 2) which result in one of those 2 :

1. There's unnecessary space below the name 1 - name 2, because both table are enlarged now
2. There's no space below the name 1 - name 2, but instead, name 1-name 2 stay upwards, leaving no space for signature

(please refer to the screenshot I provided before)

It seems that your links are a huge tutorial, but mostly, it's about automation in form-fillings rather than designed for empty form that will be handwritten later.
Insert a row, perhaps with a bottom border, between the one for Names 1&2 titles and the names.
Thank you. But it's a next page, so it's different pages. I mean on the same page.

Howewer, regarding that, it's already resolved above. By now, the only problem left just about the table rather than the page itself.
I realize it is one project for you. However, to get the best response here, you may want to ask a new question about the table. (Unless I already answered your question about the table in my last response.)