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I am using Office 365 on a Windows 11 PC. I type a lot of text for use in books and use a lot of Page Breaks. I have encountered a problem where I will be typing text and suddenly the text that I have typed will disappear back to the previous page break. Has anyone had a similar problem?

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No, I have not experience the issue.  However instead of using manual page breaks, format the first paragraph that is to appear on a new page so that it has a page break before it.  


The best way to do that is to set up a Style with that attribute that is set to be followed by a Style that does not have that paragraph attribute.

Thank you for the suggestion however that has nothing to do with the text disappearing. It appears to be triggered by what I type although I have yet to identify a pattern.

But, do you still experience the issue if you cause the page breaks by using the method that I suggested.

I have been using page breaks in the way for years and have not had this problem. It is a relatively recent problem. I have, thinking about it possibly only had the problem since using Office 365. I previously used an earlier version of MS Office. Any thoughts?

I join Doug in urging you to use the paragraph formatting of page break before, preferably as part of a heading style. See Moving/Reorganizing Pages in Microsoft Word.


That said, you may be running into other paragraph formatting, in particular, keep with next formatting.


Can you post a link to a small sample document that has the problem?

Unfortunately I can't post the link as the problem is intermittent. The latest occurrence was as follows:-

I had started a new paragraph. I had typed the following text -


I found this particularly sad. The parallels between his condi


When I typed the t to finish the word 'condition' the document jumped to the bottom of the previous page and the text from the bottom of that page to the typing point had disappeared. The nearest page break was two pages prior to point this occurred. If I use UNDO the text reappears but will repeat if I type the t again. If I use REDO the text reappears and I can type the t and complete the word.


Has anybody had any thoughts following my detailed description of the fault?

This almost certainly has to do with the paragraph formatting of the text. Look at the second page of the formatting dialog and try unchecking all of the items. This is drastic. It must be done for all of the text involved.

These options are useful.

Such formatting is best controlled using styles, not as direct formatting.

The Importance of Styles in Microsoft Word

@John1540 I've got the same issue. I use the web version of word and excel but I can't seem to get word to function at all because everything I type just disappears again. It's like each time it autosaves it 'forgets' what I've typed and jumps back to latest save.


I'd really like to know if anyone has a solution to this?

This may seem to be the same, but it is not. I suggest posting a separate question. Word for the Web / online is truly a different program than the desktop applications