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Please, tell me how I can remove this ridiculous waste of engineering talent (image attached).


I still want spell check in my document, but this new "enhancement" is unbelievably detrimental to productivity.


I tried googleing this, but as soon as I toss anything similar to "spell check" in there, I only get suggestions for toggling spell check. I did find someone else ask this question on the Apple forms, but the suggestions there didn't work. Also, sounds like MS is potentially trying A-B testing of this feature, so not everyone may have seen it yet?

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Have you tried to search here?
I think this recent topic covers exactly your issue:


Edit: Sorry, just occured to me I might clarify. Unless you make changes in the registry, there is no option how to switch that option on/off. 

@Lenka_KerumovaThank you for the link, but unfortunately they don't have a solution in that thread:

Apparently it was introduced so that those using words on tablets or other devices without a right click function still have access to spelling corrections. Which makes sense, but it should be possible to disable this feature if you are not on one of those devices. I did not find any solutions, except that you can get around the pop up on windows by alt+left click on or mac by command+shift+left click on a mac (obviously these are far from ideal). It seems that right now there is no way to disable or edit the left click spellcheck context menu. But, please, Microsoft, create one!

I am more than happy to jump into the registry to get rid of this "feature". Do you happen to know the procedure/path to disable it?

Hi, not me, but I am sure the thread or the links in it mentioned a way how to find the exact registry entry. I read it while researching the answer so I know it is out there. Didn't bother to remember it, as programming is not my cup of tea.
You might want to try the MS documentation site, too.
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Is summary:

  • This feature was most likely added to support tablet users;
  • This feature appears to be in A-B testing which started sometime in 2020. As such, not everyone may have seen it yet;
  • There is no way of disabling this feature short of turning off spell check for the application or (potentially) rolling back updates; and
  • To best report displeasure: Open the application (e.g., Word) > File > Feedback > Send a Frown

Microsoft's disturbing trend of "simplifying" (to put it nicely) user interfaces continues to impede user choice, freedom, and productivity (where's Tron when you need him?). I didn't ask for this feature, and I don't want this feature. I'm not upset that you gave me this feature, I'm upset that I can't individually toggle/control this feature.


Dear Microsoft: :sad: