Difficult search&replace problem involving superscript

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I am editing a scholarly edition of a 1550 chronicle. Those typesetters used a special character when abbreviating "the"--a "y" with a little "e" on top. When transcribing I decided to use my own special character, "ý" and later replace it. I want to do that now, with a regular size "y" plus superscript "e". Now, I can search on ý but can't manage to tell s&r about the proper replacement. The chronicle is 1,309 pages, so any s&r is a huge task that benefits from automation.

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Hello @almagary ,

if i undestand correctly what you mean, it's easy.

1. You find 'ý' and replace with 'ye' formatted as superscript.

Both will change to supescript.

2. You find 'y' superscript and replace is with 'y' with no formatting.


BTW - doesn't your cronicle still use thorn?

@Lenka_Kerumova Thanks, Lenka, I'll try that on the next chapter. I needed to finish the one chapter so I ended up changing the 200 instances of ý to ye (=the) manually, and another hundred of the similar Ұ to yt (=that). No, the 1550 book does not use the thorn, only the special characters--y plus e or t sitting on top.


Hmm, I see this MS forum doesn't like superscripts: "Your post has been changed because invalid HTML was found in the message body. The invalid HTML has been removed."