Different Footer Sizes when PDF converted to Word

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I have a document that I've converted to Word from a PDF file. This conversion seemed to have interpreted the footers of the document as different sizes and this is throwing of editing of the document.


My question is, how can I change the size of the footer? Adjusting the ruler at the left does not work, or at least, does not make the change I want it to. What I want to do is move the dotted line at the top of the footer (see red arrows). Adjusting the ruler on the left only moves the text up or down, but does not change the size of the actual footer. Therefore, I am unable to extend the table further down the page as the footer is high up (especially in the third page of the image attached)


There are no section breaksin the documentScreenshot 2024-03-11 123004.png


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Converted documents ALWAYS contain formatting anomalies. Documents created from pdf often contain unneeded section breaks which can vary your margins.