Dependant / Cascading lists and headers

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 Is there a way to create a cascading List or drop down list in MS Word only that either shows them a Table of Contents pages ( headers) that are applicable to a specific role


populates all of the related headers based on their drop down list selection?


I've created one comprehensive User Manual  that addresses tasks for several user roles ( as requested) I have an idea to offer a way for users to select their roles from a drop down list and it will show them the material related to their user role/ position.. The permissions and tasks differ based on their role. The problem is that it has to be done soley in Word . Excel , Access etc. are not an option

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Thank you for the resources. I was trying to perform this task using MS Word only.  I am starting to believe that it may not be possible.

Just about anything is possible with Visual Basic. If you upload a copy of the manual with details on which sections appy to each role, I will take a look and let you know what can be done.
Wow. thank you for the offer.

@Gee-Gee_734  Are you going to upload a copy of the manual and provide the necessary details of how you want it to work?

Unfortunately, I am unable to share the information. I will continue to work on a solution with your tips in mind. Thank you.