Delete a row on a split table

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Help! I need to delete some rows in a table that have been split. When I try to delete it deletes the whole row. I don't need it to delete the whole row. How do i only delete one potion of it? Here is an example. I need to get rid of the blank rows. Also I have tried adding rows to one side and it adds a row all the way across. How do I also add a row to one side as well? 

Split colums.png


Any help would be greatly appreciated. 



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Hello @jewleann ,

just checking - have you tried deleting just a cell?

Hi @Lenka_Kerumova,
Thank you for checking. I have, I have tried EVERTHING I could think of with no success.



Usually, you can delete part of table row by selecting the relevant cells. Word would then ask how you want to "shift" the cells. 


Are you able to share a sample document with the forum?