Dashes pasting into word as square symbol

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I'm using another system to produce a transcript (ProCAT Winner) and when I paste into Word, dashes will sometimes, not always, come over as the squares as shown in the highlighted portions of the below picture.  I need to find out how to do a find/replace on these symbols so that I can easily replace all the squares with the correct dash mark that they are supposed to be, but I cannot figure out how to do so.  Thank you in advance for your help!




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Try selecting one of the squares and pressing Ctrl+H.

That should be in your find window.

Put a dash in the replace with window and press Replace.

What happens?


The most common explanation, I believe, is that Word does not recognize the font or the font does not have that character.


If you would like, copy a few lines with these into an anonymous new document and post a link to that document here so we can look at it.

Why a sample file is important for troubleshooting - - - - - - - and how to do it.

@Charles_Kenyon I have my Ctrl-H remapped to something else.  =/  Can you tell me what command it is that I should have mapped to the Ctrl-H and I can put it back and try that.  I know that it doesn't work with the typical highlight and Ctrl-F which brings up my find window.

Try Ctrl+G and then switch to the Replace tab.
It doesn't bring up anything when I do that. =/ Just a blank box. I have a new example that I can paste into a document and post as above recommended.


I am not seeing anything unusual in your sample.



Well, it was there when I pasted it! I'll try another one. Sorry about that.

@Charles_Kenyon   Here, I think this one worked.  Saving it in docx format was removing the squares upon reopening it.

Sorry, I do not have a solution. Not sure why you are still using the .doc file format. A workaround is certainly to save in the ,docx format, as you've discovered.
You may want to take this up with PROCAT.