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I'm editing a book. I have this text: "As long as I can remember, a large portrait of Frank (see page 134)...". A picture of Frank is on the indicated page. All I want is to ensure the page numbers of the cross-reference update automatically if the page numbers update due to new or deleted content. Try as I might, I'm unable to add the cross-reference. How do I add a cross-reference to the page only?  Here is a screenshot of the page:



Any help given is greatly appreciated. -Karen


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@Karen_Weber_Karen_Web Select the picture on the page where it is located and then via the Insert tab of the ribbon insert a bookmark - use Frank as the bookmark for example.


Then in the text where you want the reference to the page number to appear, insert a cross reference to the page number of the bookmark by selecting the bookmark and then Page number from the Insert reference to: dropdown