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Hello. I do a lot of religious writings. Is there a way to create a rule in Word that autocorrects the word "Lord" to be in small caps? I've tried a few different things, but it seems I can only create a rule that changes to all caps, and not small caps. Thanks in advance.

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@shaneshack This worked for meLord.jpg


@Tanya Denton 

Tanya, thanks for the swift response. I tried your suggestion, but it wasn't clear to me how to make the replacement text appear in small caps.


Just for clarification, I've posted a pic of what I'm needing.

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@shaneshack Apologies i misunderstood..... I managed to get it to work by opening up a blank word doc, typing Lord, formatting that as required (i.e. small caps), then highlighting the word.
Then went to Options/Proofing/AutoCorrect and entered Lord in.....Lord2.jpg

Perfect! Thank you. Now that I’ve seen it done, I wonder why it didn’t occur to me. You have my gratitude. This will save me loads of time.