Create a checklist which contents change depending on a dropdown box

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Hello all, 


I am wondering if it is possible to create the following in a word document:


I am creating a document which will be sent to customers who are looking to have their equipment repaired by my company. 



I have created a simple layout which asks the customer for which "unit" they are sending in. As there are many different units I was wondering if it would be possible to create a checklist in the box next to "Accessories being sent in with unit" which would list potential parts or the most common parts that should be sent in with the unit. 


If the customer were to select something else on the list - for example a "television" I would like the checklist section to automatically change with potential parts or most common parts for this "unit" instead. (in the example above, a television would not be sent in with batteries and the charging cable should be a "Mains lead").


Is it possible to create a checklist which changes its contents depending on the selection of a dropdown box within Word?






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