Copying cells from excel into Word cuts off my image

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I have been trying to copy paste 8 cells by 15 cells into a word document as an image. I don't want to mess up all the formatting and I don't want others to edit. I do this all the time to powerpoint, but its failing to work in Word 2016 MSO (16.09126.2315) 64-bit. 

What happens is I copy the cells, go over to Excel and I can paste as image from a right click.  

save image.png

What I see is a truncated amount of cells. Not my whole selection that i'm looking to paste as an image. 

I've tried messing with printer settings, page layout and nothing works. Except going to special paste and selecting Bitmap. The default image "Picture (Enhanced Metafile)" is the problem. 


advanced paste options.PNG

Why isn't this a simple paste an image giving me the whole image? I hate all the extra steps. 



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Hi @bhensley


I am not experiencing the same issue as you as anything I copy and paste as an image automatically fits the dimensions of the page.


Without seeing your output image, your pasted image of the cells might be larger than the page dimensions. If it's the case, try reducing the width of the image (click onto the image and go to Format tab > Width) and that may bring it back in line to see it better.


If it's not the solution, please post a screen shot of the problem so we can diagnose it.


Best wishes and good luck!




@Damien Rosario I'm having the same issue.  It cuts off a table when I paste as image from excel to word and also from excel to power point.  This is a consistent problem and I can't find anything that will fix it.  



Since this is an old thread, started in 2018, you may want to create a new one.


Be sure to include Office version, operating system and other relevant information.