copy./paste filenames into text of multiple docs?

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I have about 70 word documents. Each has a different filename.

I need to copy and paste the filename of each file into the text of its document.

So a word file called "bio-int 12.docx" would have "bio-int 12" pasted into the top of the text INSIDE that document. Is there a quicker way to do this than opening ea doc. and then copying and pasting that info in?????

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@mslaurie If you insert a FileName field in a document, it will display the filename.


See the following page of Graham Mayor's website to see how to do that for a batch of documents

I couldn't follow the info on that link. Seems like half a dozen downloads are offered for things that have nothing to do with batch processing in word, and I'm on a mac, so maybe this won't work for me? But thanks anyway for answering!