Converting letter portrait document to legal landscape w/2 columns

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I've been given an 89 page docx. document formatted as letter portrait that they want converted to legal landscape with 2 columns.  The document contains a fair number of pasted pictures of sheet music. My Word 365 converted the document size and orientation, but the text is all over the place.  I can resize the pictures OK, but my initial difficulty is getting the text to flow from the top of one page in left column to the top of page in 2nd column. Inserting column breaks only seems to make it worse.  Looking for ideas.

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If you change the page size, orientation and set the number of columns to 2, the text should flow properly, but the pictures are likely to be a problem if they were not inserted with the layout set so that they are In-line with Text and you would need to re-size them to suit the column width


An alternative could be to use these settings in the backstage Print dialog to create the document in PDF format.




You will almost certainly need to reduce the left and right margins



Thanks for responding. I did most of that and about 95% flowed properfly.  The few places where it won't flow from left to right might to be related to section breaks in the orgiginal document,  so I'm working on that.:lol:

@woody3680 You will of course need to set the two column layout for each of the Sections.