Converting Docx to PDF takes a long time on Document with Tables

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So I need to be able to convert large docx files with tables to pdf in a short amount of time. Preferably less than 10 minutes. 


Through testing, I found that the complexity of the tables in the document and using fonts such of Times New Roman increase the uncompressed file size significantly. 

For example, adding a basic coloring style to a table increases a 2000 page docx file, that has about a table per page, from 135 MB to 217 MB.

Changing that same document's font from Times New Roman to Calibri decreases the size from 217 MB to 179 MB.


Overall these are really large file sizes. Is there way that I get the best of both worlds and have the font and table style I want? The style for the document I need to convert to pdf is very rigid and basically can't be changed. But as you can see, since the file sizes are so big it becomes almost impossible to convert the docx to pdf quickly. I've seen conversion to pdf take hours to complete. It there any way to keep the styling I want and also decrease the file size significantly?





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Have you tried using the Microsoft Print to PDF facility to create the pdf?