Content in header changes when I convert the word document to pdf

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My document has a header and footer. The moment I click onto print preview,

the content of the header changes to an older version. The intention is to convert the word to a pdf.

The document was originally in docx, I tried renaming it to doc. No changes to the problem.

Any ideas/suggestions welcome.

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Hi, My guess is that the 'old header' is still present in one or more sections. Kind regards Hans


Please check the title of the document in the 'save as' window. I faced a similar issue turns out the header was replaced with "the title" given while saving the document. 

@roysoham85 I am totally having this issues with docmuments and I'm going crazy,  I have started over, I have started a new document and transferred the info...

@JMarti54 If you upload a copy of a Word document with which you have the problem we will investigate the issue.


Every section of a Word document has three headers and three footers. You can have multiple sections in a single page which really makes things confusing. Header/Footer Settings Recap

The simple thing to do is to expand every section to have at least three full pages. Then you will be able to see all of your headers and footers. Edit to suit, and then remove the extra pages.

Here is a tool prepared by Word MVPs: Toolkit for Advanced Management of Headers and Footers.

@JMarti54 After clicking on Reply, click on the "Open full text editor" link 




and then you will see 




@Doug_Robbins_Word_MVP  Here it is :)  Thank you!

@JMarti54 The document that you have uploaded does not contain a header.





sorry it's the footer I'm having issues with...


The only things that may change in the footer are the result of the filename field that will be updated to reflect the current filename of the Word document and the page numbering.

After updating the fields, the footer displays the current filename (in lowercase as a result of the \* Lower switch added to that field.



No that is not what is going on, when my board prints this, something totally different shows up on their print job, it's wild....

@JMarti54Please modify the title of your post to reflect footer instead of header.


What I am seeing is:


You have only one section and one footer displayed: the main footer.

However, you do have other content in the footers. Each section of a Word document has three footers even though they may not display or have content.

First Page footer:


This is not set to display but may be what is showing up when you convert to pdf.

The even-page footer is blank.

I have no idea why this would show up in a pdf conversion/save. It may depend on your how you are doing it.

You can remove this by clicking on Different First Page in the Header/Footer tab and then going to the footer, selecting all, and deleting. Then uncheck Different First Page.

If that does not help, copy the content from your main footer into the First-Page footer.


See: Header/Footer Settings Recap  for more.