Comments - Missing Resolve / Greyed Out in Reviewing Pane

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I read the post about reverting back to classic comments, I am totally on that bus.


Microsoft is again playing with something they do not apparently understand here, and causing a serious bandwidth suck by forcing us to use multiple areas to reach all of the capabilities in comments.  Guess their developers were too busy (bandwidth suck) to actually add resolve to the actual comment...which neither option give us visibility into what comment goes with what text AND these comment boxes take up so much more space.


OK, rant over....


The resolve option the $!@$%#%$ Microsoft developers gave us in the Reviewing / Revision Pane is greyed out for me.  I found where someone said something about the save menu and unchecking the compatibility mode...but that is also greyed out for me.  Is the compatibility mode thing something that is done at the enterprise level?


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Try saving the document in Word 97-2003 (*.doc) format.