Combined header and footer building block?

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In our office we have always had a building block called "Combined Header & Footer" which inserts, with one click, our business logo and details into the header and footer of a page.


I now have to recreate this with our new logo etc., but when I select the entirety of the header contents and footer contents the "Save selection to gallery" option is greyed out.


If I select only the images themselves (excluding background text/paragraph marks), then I can do it.  But our header only works when a number of paragraph marks are included to keep the text from starting too high up.


I thought of tacking on some blank space to the bottom of the logo image itself, but the things is we've had the above setup for years so somehow it must be possible.  I'd be grateful for any input! 

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You can set up a template (*.dotx) which contains a predefined header and footer.

Thanks @Stefan_Blom.  In our case we're working with approximately 2,000 templates, some of which need the header/footer combo added after merging, while some don't.  So it has to be done via Building Blocks.


For now it's working OK, although the formatting behaves differently in different documents for reasons that are beyond us.


For now I'm going to leave it as is.  I appreciate your response though!